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  Aim High; become a Star... 

Gymnastics is a challenging, multi-discipline sport, perfect for people of all ages and abilities.


Is the ideal sport to teach skills for life, including independence, focus and self-discipline


Enhances coordination, strength and agility


Is fun – turning upside down and learning new skills and tricks is part of every one's nature


Builds confidence and self esteem


Encourages a healthy and active lifestyle


Challenges the mind and body



Are you looking for the chance to take part in a sport that offers the opportunity to perform in displays and festivals, competitions and sample all gymnastics disciplines in one?


Gymnastics for All (GfA)

is a sport for all ages and abilities; it provides loads of variety and opportunities for life-long participation.


Our mainstream gymnastics sessions are adaptable to include people with a physical or learning disability, sensory impairments or health conditions.

In this session, you’ll learn the fundamentals of gymnastics. As you begin to develop your strength, skill and control, there really is no limit to how far you can go.

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